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Frostbyte 2023

Lead Animator, Lead Editor 

Frostbyte is a short film I took part in producing for my two year Character Animation Program at UCF. I took part in many parts of production with my strongest being Animation, Editing, and Storyboards/Beatboards. I also took part in making Concept Art for assets, 2D FX, and Texturing.


These are some shots I was put in charge of, I made sure to keep in mind her balance, surroundings, and personality.

Compositing Team- Hannah Papa (Lead), Maria Beato, Hane Harrnet, Cristina Mateo
FX Team- Keon Sampson (Lead), Olivia Adams, James Angle, Maria Beato, Ronit Liberman, Cristina Mateo, Abigail McCabe, Jackie Mesadieu, Alison Montoya, Hannah Papa, Flavio Teimori, Matthew DiVietro

maya logo.png

Animatic & Final Editing

Here is a rendition of the Frostbyte 2D Animatic. I made sure to keep the tension from being in a dangerous environment while keeping the light heartedness of the relationship between the two main characters.

premiere pro logo.png


These are some stylized 2D FX that plan to be implemented into the film.

premiere pro logo.png
photoshop logo.png
after effects logo.png
Asset PLTA_A Render
Asset VM Render
Asset PLTB Render
Asset PLTA Render


Here are some assets I textured for the film using materials that were produced by my teammates with guidance from the Art Directors.

substance painter logo.png


These are some shots I was in charge of boarding, establishing the large environment and the main character's recklessness was the main driving point for this sequence. 

Frostbyte 4x3_edited.jpg

Asset Concept Art

Assets for the lab environment to establish their dimensions in 3D for the modelers and texture artists to use as a guide. Guided by the Art Directors.

Wall Pieces
Cieling Pieces
Broken Satellite


Here is a beatboard for a crucial moment in the film, with the guidance and burshes provided by the Art Directors.

Big Blue Character Model and Orthographic Sheet

Robot Design WIP.jpg
Robot Tpose.png
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